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Petrol will increase by 49c a litre with diesel increasing by between 46c and 49c a litre. Paraffin will cost between 42c and 56c more a litre. Neil Roets, CEO of debt management company Debt Rescue, says the price increases will have a ripple effect on other goods such as food. “People must understand that… Continued

After another night of Phase 2 load shedding, the National Energy Regulator and Eskom will meet today to discuss the power utility’s application for an additional tariff increase of 12.61%. The hike is mainly to pay for the added expense of using diesel to generate power to keep the lights on. Consumers are already paying… Continued

31 March 2015 at 08:06 by Jaca News – Debt Rescue CEO, Neil Roets has stated that the current combination of economic factors will have a negative impact on consumers. The increase in the price of electrictiy and fuel will hit the poorest of the poor hard as it will affect the prices of other… Continued

The price of all grades of petrol will drop by 93 cents a litre at midnight, tonight. The price of diesel (0.05 and 0.005 percent sulphur) would decrease by R1.02 a litre. The new prices would come into effect on Wednesday. Debt Rescue’s Neil Roets, however says now is not the time to spend, but… Continued

Consumer debt will remain high despite the upcoming drop in fuel prices, a debt counsellor said on Monday. “The drop in the retail price of petrol of 45 cents a litre on Wednesday will bring welcome relief to deeply indebted South Africans, but the overall indebtedness of consumers remains a problem,” Debt Rescue CEO Neil… Continued

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