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Financial experts are calling on South Africans to ensure they budget their finances carefully amid the coronavirus pandemic. This as the festive season draws to a close and thousands of people resume work activities. Neil Roets, the founder and CEO of Debt Rescue says people should familiarize themselves with the National Credit Act (NCA). “We […]

More and more consumers are struggling after the financial difficulties Covid-19 has imposed on the South African economy. Yilungelo Lakho interviews Neil Roets and finds out more about how the debt review process works. Neil explains how debt review can help consumers pay back their debts in an affordable way without the risk of having […]

The coronavirus pandemic outbreak, which has claimed thousands of lives globally, has introduced us to new ways of doing things, some uncomfortable but necessary to curb its spread and save lives. However, there are also some “positive habits” that might be helpful to normalise and embrace past the lockdowns and pandemic. Below are a few […]

Black Friday: A big sale is coming Experts have called on consumers to think twice before going on a spending frenzy before and on Black Friday. With just over 2 weeks to go, stores have already started advertising specials online. Consumers who cannot resist the Black Friday temptation have been advised to plan their purchases […]

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