Fuel price going up

The price of petrol has increased by 28 paise per litre while the price of diesel has gone down 6 paise per litre in Delhi effective from midnight.

Petrol will now cost Rs 64.58 a litre in the national capital, with the same amount of diesel costing Rs 52.51.

The department said the rand had strengthened against the United States dollar on average during the period under review but, was higher than the average of the previous review period.

The average rand-dollar exchange rate for September 2 to September 29 was R14.0057 compared to R13.8016 during the previous period.

The diesel price will increase by 23 cents a litre, while the retail price of paraffin goes up by 30 cents a litre.

The third factor influencing the fuel price adjustments was the increase in the prices of crude oil, on average, during the period under review.

The Energy Department’s Robert Make says, “All the petroleum products are going to increase by next week Wednesday”.

The department said the rand/dollar exchange rate was the main reason for the fuel price adjustments.

According to Neil Roets, CEO of Debt Rescue, one of the largest debt management companies in South Africa, further increases in the fuel price are expected towards the end of the year.

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