Fuel price: Wednesday price drop couldn’t come soon enough

South Africa is a deeply indebted country with the total consumer debt totalling R1,47 trillion,” Debt Rescue CEO Neil Roets said in a statement.

The decrease, announced by the Energy Department on Friday, will however have little impact on the more than 25 percent of South Africans who were unemployed.

“With more than a quarter of the country’s workforce unemployed, it is going to take much more than a drop of 22 cents to bring meaningful relief to consumers who are falling into debt.”

The price of all grades of petrol will drop by 22 cents a litre on Wednesday

  • The price of diesel with 0,05 percent sulphur will drop by 23,58 cents a litre.
  • The price of diesel with 0,005 percent sulphur will drop by 25,58 cents a litre.
  • The wholesale illuminating paraffin price will drop by 10 cents a litre.
  • The price of illuminating paraffin will drop by 13 cents a litre.
  • The maximum retail price for LP Gas will fall by 27 cents a litre.
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