Signs That I Need Debt Counselling?

The fact of the matter is that many people in South Africa are drowning in debt. This is because credit has become so accessible and living expenses have increased phenomenally. Usually consumers find themselves becoming more and more comfortable living on credit until their outstanding debt makes it  impossible for them to cover their basic expenses.

Before you can receive debt counselling, you need to qualify for debt review. Only over-indebted consumers can receive this service. Your debt counselling company will assess your situation to see how they can help you.

Here are some signs that you need debt counselling:

  1. You’ve maxed out your overdraft/credit cards
  2. You’re paying expenses on credit
  3. You’re taking out payday loans
  4. You’re behind on payments
  5. You’re struggling to pay your debt repayments
  6. You have no savings
  7. You have no emergency fund
  8. You’re selling your assets to make ends meet 9.Creditors are harassing you for money you owe them
  9. You fear bankruptcy
  10. The stress of having debt is keeping you up at night

If you’ve answered yes to some of these questions, get in contact with a debt counsellor today. Make the change now!
Debt Rescue is just a call away.


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