Try the FREE Online Debt Rescue Calculator! Feeling Overwhelmed by Debt?

Debt can feel like a never-ending cycle, leaving you feeling helpless and stressed.

It’s crucial to understand your current situation. Here’s where the Debt Rescue Online Debt Calculator comes in handy. This free and confidential tool helps you assess your financial health and determine if debt rescue might be the right path for you.

Here’s how it works:

  • Input your income: Enter your monthly net income (what goes into your bank account) and any additional income sources.
  • List your living expenses: Be honest about your monthly expenses, including food, housing, utilities, transportation, and other necessities.
  • Add your debt: Detail your monthly credit repayments from various lenders: home loans, car loans, credit cards, etc.

Once you click “Calculate,” the tool will:

  • Analyse your data and provide feedback on your debt situation.
  • Offer an estimated monthly payment you could afford under debt rescue.

Remember, this is just an estimate. However, it can give you a valuable starting point to understand the potential benefits of debt rescue.

Here are some additional benefits of using the Debt Rescue Online Debt Calculator:

  • Fast and convenient: It takes just minutes to complete.
  • No obligation: There’s no pressure to proceed with debt rescue after using the calculator.
  • Empowering information: It gives you insights into your financial situation and potential solutions.

While the calculator is a great starting point, it’s crucial to seek further guidance.

The estimated repayment amount is not a guaranteed figure. For a more precise estimate tailored to your specific situation, we recommend taking advantage of our no-obligation, free debt assessment. This assessment allows our experienced counsellors to analyse your financial situation and provide a personalised repayment plan.

For sixteen years, Debt Rescue has been South Africa’s trusted partner in navigating the choppy waters of debt. We’ve helped over 100 000 countless individuals find financial freedom and escape the feeling of being constantly underwater.

Debt can be overwhelming, leaving you paralyzed by stress and uncertainty. But you don’t have to weather this storm alone.

Remember, taking control of your finances is an empowering journey.

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