We’re Turning Veggie

Meat is meat, but not if the price goes up 50%

WITH the price of meat set to increase by up to 50 percent, many Cape Flats mense are considering going vegetarian.
The Daily Voice took to the streets of the Cape Flats where mense say they are already scraping the bottom of the barrel.
Experts predict at least a 50 percent hike in meat prices.
Economist Dawie Roodt says price increases will have a devastating effect on already struggling consumers.
Roodt says the drought is one of the major factors at play.
“The prolonged drought is the major factor but there are also other factors at play such as the massive increase in the price of maize which is the staple food for fattening beef before going to market,” says Roodt.


Neil Roets, CEO of debt management firm Debt Rescue, said in addition to the meat price increase consumers should also brace themselves for an 18c petrol price increase.
“We are on the eve of a perfect storm which is going to affect everybody but especially the poorest of the poor who spend more than 50% on food,” says Roets.
“There is one ray of hope on the horizon,” he adds.
The price of diesel is expected to drop by about 10 cents a litre which will to some extent counteract the increase in the petrol price,” Roets said.
Meanwhile, struggling consumers yesterday told the Daily Voice they are doing everything short of becoming vegetarian for a stukkie vleis in their pots.
Hanover Park resident Sarah Jack, 56, says she cannot afford meat and buys meaty bones instead.
“I don’t have an income and my daughter helps me, I also have all my grand­children with me,” she says.
“Today I bought beef pieces with samp and beans and tossed that in the pot,” she says.
Sarah says she has to travel further to get cheaper meat.

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