10 Symptoms of Financial Stress and How to Deal with it

10 Symptoms of Financial Stress and How to Deal with it

Stress has become a norm. A word which casually passes our lips while we race in between traffic, complete day-to-day tasks, and manage family, friends and co-workers. We are not always aware that the financial stressors in the country as well as our own lives have lasting effects on our mental health.

An Overview of Stress and its Implications in Your Life

Finances in South Africa cause particular stress among the population. From rising interest rates to bouts of loadshedding during dinner time, our stress levels are causing reactions to small insignificant incidences. Stress disrupts the natural flow because it signals the fight or flight response in the body. This causes cortisol to be released into the system and disrupts the natural state. Long-term activation of cortisol as well as other lesser-known stress hormones can cause life-long damage if not treated.

The 10 Symptoms of Financial Stress

If you or anyone you know suffers from three or more of these symptoms, it is important to seek out help. Financial assistance can drastically reduce the amount of stress, and psychological assistance can prevent these symptoms from causing lifelong damage.


When we sleep, we heal. Our cells are repaired, and our immune system is strengthened. Lack of sleep causes an entire world of problems. Thoughts about how to make ends meet, where to get money that you need or pay the bills that you have, or even how to feed your family may keep you up at night. You need to speak to someone and find a solution. Lack of sleep over time can do serious damage, including making you sick all the time.

Frequent Migraines

Migraines caused by stress are known by a variety of names i.e., tension headaches or stress headaches. The symptoms are sensitivity to light, pain in the face, neck and/or muscles. Other symptoms may include sensitivity to loud sounds, and difficulty falling asleep. Headaches and migraines hinder the ability to be productive at work. Frequent suffering may lead to other problems in your life such as taking off sick too often from work.

Arguing with Everyone Around You

High stress levels are indicative of irritability and mood swings. Are you fighting with everyone around you about small things, or with your family about money problems? It may be that your stress levels are through the roof. Finding help to organise and remedy any financial troubles you may have, will help you.

Suicidal Thoughts

Stress can trick the mind into thinking that there is no solution beyond the current problem. When someone is under extreme financial pressure suicidal thoughts may crop up. If you are experiencing any thoughts of taking your own life, you need to reach out to someone immediately. There is always a solution to every problem.

Withdrawal from Normal Life

High stress and pressure may cause depression. Symptoms of depression and stress include withdrawal from normal life. Isolation and withdrawal cause suffering for our social selves which can lead to a host of other problems. It really helps to have a friend on call who knows to bring you out of feelings of withdrawal and take you for a walk or a coffee or whatever. It is important to force yourself to speak, socialise and to be part of society.

Anxiety and Constant Worry

Constant worry and anxiety have lasting effects on your health. Even though it is terribly difficult to understand when you are in the problem and not in the solution, there is always a way to change your circumstances. Anxiety must be treated by a medical professional. There are over the counter medications, but it is always wiser to speak and be treated by an understanding, compassionate medical professional.

Inability to Perform Day-to-Day Tasks as Before

This symptom goes hand in hand with withdrawal from normal life. If you are having trouble communicating or performing tasks with the efficiency that you had before, something is wrong. Your stress levels could be dangerously high, and this needs to be attended to immediately. Do not leave it until it is too late.

Unable to Provide for Your Family or Yourself

The entire world is feeling unimaginable financial stress. The lower income earners and the over-indebted even more so. When you cannot provide, despondency and loss of interest in moving forward or finding solutions goes out of the window. You need real willpower to call your family together and have an intervention to find adequate solutions. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

Lowered Energy – Feeling Sluggish

Low energy can be due to multiple reasons; however, stress will cause prolonged energy loss. If you are experiencing a complete lack of energy and perhaps even weight gain, it is time to go and see someone about your stress levels and sort your financial stress out as well.

Your Income is Not Covering Your Expenses

When your income no longer covers your expenses and debt repayments, it means that you are over-indebted. This can be easily remedied through the legal process of debt review. If you free up money in your budget, lower those debt repayments and you only need to worry about a single affordable payment, your stress levels will be decreased.

It’s More than Important!

Stress can be life threatening. This is why Debt Rescue takes charge of lowering financial stress through providing debt review. It is more than important to contact someone to help you bring your life and finances back into order. There is always help, you simply have to ask.

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