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This week’s drop in fuel price may bring temporary relief, but consumer debt remains too high so don’t see this as an early Christmas present, experts warn The drop in the retail price of petrol of 45 cents a litre on Wednesday will bring welcome relief to deeply indebted South Africans but the overall indebtedness… Continued

The price of petrol will drop by 45 cents a litre next week, the energy department said on Friday From Wednesday, the wholesale price of diesel of 0,05% sulphur will decrease 61 cents per litre, while diesel 0,005% sulphur would decrease 60 cents per litre, the department said in a statement. The retail price of… Continued

Entrepreneurs and start up companies are positioned to be hardest hit by the National Credit Amendment Act as the major banks look to mitigate risk by tightening lending. DESTINY takes a look at how the banks are reacting to the new legislation Capitec Bank is currently feeling the effects of the 2006 credit amnesty, which… Continued

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