Dos and Don’ts While Under Debt Review

Debt Review, also known as debt counselling is the debt reconciliation process that helps over-indebted South Africans repay debts with enough left for living expenses. During Debt Review, debt counsellors assess your financial situation, negotiate with creditors and create a professional financial plan for you.

Debt Review is the solution to all employed consumers who are struggling to make ends meet due to high debt instalments. Although debt counsellors are great at what they do, they cannot do it alone. Consumers under Debt Review need to make good financial habits a priority in their lives by committing to the debt counselling process.

Here Are The Dos And Don’ts You’ll Need To Keep In Mind When Under Debt Review


  • Pay your consolidated fee in full and on time every month: In doing so you build creditor confidence and the Debt Review process will go as planned without any hiccups.
  • Aim to grow this monthly amount when you are able to: Once you earn more money, the monthly fee you are contributing to debt would need to grow too. This way you’ll become debt free sooner.
  • Be patient: Once under Debt Review you will experience immediate financial relief. However, the road to becoming debt free is a long, yet rewarding one. Be patient and stay positive.
  • Curb your spending: Stick to your financial plan. If you receive additional funds i.e. an annual bonus or a once-off payout, don’t just spend it. Debt Review is not only about helping people become debt free but also about cultivating good financial habits in the process.


  • Make new debt: While under Debt Review you won’t have access to your overdrafts or credit cards and you won’t be able to take out any new loans with accredited credit providers.
  • Unaccredited credit providers on the other hand may offer you a loan. Don’t make new debt. It will compromise your Debt Review process entirely. Rather learn to live within your budget. That is the only way you’ll ever become debt free.
  • Worry about your future credit record: During Debt Review there will be a flag at Credit Bureaux indicating that you are under Debt Review. Once you have satisfied all your debt obligations, this flag will be removed. There will be no indication that you were ever under Debt Review.
  • Fear calls from Credit Providers: From the moment you are placed under Debt Review, the debt counsellor will notify your Credit Providers and handle all communication.
  • Be concerned of becoming blacklisted: While you are under Debt Review, creditors cannot blacklist you.

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