Fuelprice hikes – Fill up your tank today

THE LATEST fuelprice hikes will have a big impact on over- indebted consumers, who are advised to budget, plan trips and use public transport if pos­sible, say experts.

After a smaller fuelprice increase last month, motorists will pay 45c a litre more for petrol and 63c more for diesel from mid­night tonight.

Avhapfani Tshifularo, the executive director of the SA Petroleum Industry Associ­ation, said the average inter­national product prices of petrol, diesel and illuminat­ing paraffin had increased and the rand’s strengthening was not sufficient to avoid price increases.

“Motorists could save fuel and money by driving more efficiently.”

“The average international products’ prices are not weak­ening, and if this trend con­tinues, we are likely to see a price increase in December.”

Neil Roets, the chief exec­utive of debt management firm Debt Rescue, said: “The worst of it is that further price increases are virtually inevit­able, given the fact that the government is going broke and an increase in the fuel levy will be seen as a lucra­tive source of income, which is going to further increase the fuel price.

“What we need is a stable economy backed by a stable political climate for the econ­omy to grow to create jobs,” he pointed out. -Joseph Booysen

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