The Role of Debt Counselling In Achieving Financial Goals

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been looking at the importance of setting financial goals for saving, and how a savings plan can help you reach these goals in a structured and inspired way. But what if you are so over-indebted that there is nothing left for you to save monthly? Does it mean you should forget about your financial goals altogether? No, it just means it is time for professional help.

You are doing everything right. Keeping to a strict budget, not spending a cent on luxuries and shopping cleverly. Yet, your monthly debt instalments are still so high you are unable to buy the basics, let alone save. If this is you, you are in trouble because it will cause you to tumble even further into the vicious debt cycle just to make ends meet.

With the help of Debt Rescue, you can tackle your financial situation head-on so that you can combat your debt and start saving towards your financial goals.

What Debt Rescue can do for you

When you have too much debt, saving not only seems impossible, it often is. Debt Rescue can help you get a grip on debt and get you closer to your financial goals through:

1. Analysing your financial situation: Are you over-indebted?

The first step is to establish whether you are over-indebted or not. Debt Rescue will analyse and dissect your income and expenses.

2. Creating a new repayment plan.

If you are over-indebted Debt Rescue can place you under debt review and use their expert skills to liaise with your credit providers for all your debt so that you will only need to pay one single instalment every month. The new plan will give you perspective on your finances and debt.

3. Helping you save on monthly debt instalments.

A new repayment plan will help you cut back on debt instalments, freeing up more money monthly for you to afford the basics. If you want to get a preview of how much you could save, use our online debt calculator as a guideline.

4. Assisting you in becoming debt-free.

The goal of debt counselling is to assist you in becoming debt-free. Once you are debt-free you will have more money available for saving, investing and prospering in life.

After examining your finances, be honest with yourself and if you are unable to tackle your debt on your own, reach out to Debt Rescue.

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