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Debt industry expert, Neil Roets, is at the steer of Debt Rescue

Neil Roets, CEO at the steer of Debt Rescue, is a prominent debt expert continuously consulted by the Media for debt advice. Neil obtained his LLB degree from the Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education in 2002. In 2004 he was simultaneously admitted as an attorney of the Supreme Court, as well as a conveyancer. In 2005 he was also admitted as a notary public. He did his articles with a corporate litigation firm, specialising in insolvencies, before working in banking law at Straus Daly Attorneys Inc, until he started practicing for his own account in 2005. Neil co-founded Erasmus Roets Attorneys in 2006 where he specialised in debt-related matters, acting for consumers. During the course of 2008 Roets became a qualified solicitor of England and Wales after successfully completing the UK Qualified Lawyers Transfer Examinations. Later that year he became a registered Debt Counsellor with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and co-founded Debt Rescue.

A pioneer for consumer rights

Roets was fascinated by the new legislation: the National Credit Act (NCA) of 2005. He has always enjoyed working with people and envisaged that finding solutions for over-indebted consumers would be ideal. As an attorney, he encountered many people and businesses who were faced with financial hardships, seeking legal assistance to prevent the loss of their hard-earned valuables.

With the inception of the NCA, a solution was provided to combat over-indebtedness and therewith the ultimate consumer protection in a time where the world’s economies were facing financial meltdown. Roets has always been an activist for consumer rights and found this new legislation to be a platform for empowering consumers with information in line with their basic rights. Roets combined his passion for consumer rights and law with Debt Counselling, which lead to the inception of Debt Rescue.

Debt Rescue has assisted over 12 000 indebted South Africans to become debt free

As one of the largest and most reputable Debt Counselling companies in South Africa since 2008, Debt Rescue has assisted over 12 000 South Africans. Consumers are now able to successfully pay off their debt in an affordable manner without losing their assets. Debt Rescue’s impeccable reputation and track record speaks for itself. We continuously provide our clients with the best possible debt assistance and trusted service.

Debt Rescue can assist consumers anywhere in South Africa

Debt Rescue’s offices are situated in Kempton Park, Gauteng, but we have a national footprint. We are able to assist consumers anywhere in South Africa.

A holistic solution to debt

Debt Rescue offers a wide variety of solutions to over-indebted consumers, thereby assisting them in a holistic manner.

A committed team dedicated to the cause

We have a multicultural team, who can engage with consumers in their preferred language, thus making the process, and comprehension thereof, a lot easier. Consumers do not always have the luxury of time in this fast-paced era, and we are there to assist them in making their life and the process easier, in a way that is more convenient to them.

Debt Rescue currently has over 100 dedicated staff members, who are passionate about their work and helping our customers. The diverse background of the team allows for us to assist almost any consumer who approaches us for help. The team’s background includes other registered Debt Counsellors, legal eagles, ex-bankers, accountants, IT specialists and service-oriented staff members who will go out of their way to find solutions for our customers. We measure our human resources as an immensely valuable asset.

Endurance to go above and beyond

The industry has been through peaks and valleys, as any new, untested industry would be. Debt Rescue had to be creative and innovative to remain in the game, in the interest of providing the best solutions and protection for our customers. Also, we had to stay abreast of all the frequent changes in this industry, and move on from the times where it was perceived as ‘Credit Provider vs. Debt Counsellor’ to always remembering that there is often a mutual customer who is often a good consumer going through a difficult time.

Established industry relationships

We have gone out of our way to establish good working relationships with Credit Providers, in an effort to obtain the best solutions to our mutual consumers.

Vote for Debt Rescue today – YOUR most preferred and trusted Debt Counselling partner.

Debt Rescue’s passion is to help indebted individuals overcome their mountain of debt and become financially free again. Our clients can testify to this. The 2015 Debt Review Awards is the debt industry’s most prestigious awards ceremony where experts and members of the public can vote for their most preferred and trusted Debt Counselling company. Vote for Debt Rescue today – YOUR most preferred and trusted Debt Counselling partner. SMS “DRA DC Debt Rescue” to 32541. A cost of R1.00 applies per SMS. Free minutes and free SMS do not apply. You can also vote online at

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