Petrol price drop no reason to rack up debt

THE 45 cents per litre drop in petrol price tomorrow should bring some relief for deeply indebted South Afri-cans.
“The 60 cents a litre reduction in the diesel price is more significant as most goods are delivered by road transport and if retailers play fair, this could result in slightly lower food pri¬ces,” Neil Roets, chief executive officer of Debt Rescue, said in a statement yesterday.

He said, however, that unemploy¬ment at around 25% remained “peril¬ously high” and the overall economic outlook was grim.
Millions of consumers were unable to service their debt, now topping Rl,44

Ttrillion (according to Statistics South Africa), resulting in ever great¬er numbers having to seek help from debt counsellors.
Roets said the predicted price re-duction should not be seen as an op-portunity to stack up more debt.

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